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Production and Manufacturing

Every entrepreneur dreams of a product key stage of its product reaches the production line.

The entrepreneur invests considerable resources in order to bring a product to the final stage - the store shelf where it will be sold.

Product production usually starts a few hundred of these products allow the market to try it out and entrepreneur from examining the success in the market, how to adjust to consumers and whether it meets the need for creating the product.

If he produces the same product in much larger quantities, it may need to adjust the production system of these large quantities. Although not actually is changed nothing on the product itself, but how mass production will get quality products, more homogeneous and at a more attractive costs.

Over the years I have been involved in developing many products, some of which were for manufacturing and forming ties with leading manufacturers in the country and abroad who specialize in producing high-quality products quickly and cost while attractive.

Production methods are varied and correspond to the need of production - small amounts, up to a few hundred items, will be produced generally include methods and basic tools are relatively inexpensive mass-production costs.

When complete manufacture the product in much larger quantities match made in bulk.

The next process for the production includes several stages:

  • Prototype Production - simulates greatest possible close to the final product and can often be used as an end product in every respect.

  • Production drawings - through communication with various manufacturers, in Israel and abroad, is through drawings.

  • Quality communications enables the production of high quality parts and a low probability of failures in production.

  • DFM (Design For Manufacturing) - This process includes the examination of production files and the latest drawings against the manufacturer and their suitability for the production of the selected technology.

  • Actual production by leading manufacturers and production guidance role to monitor the quality of the products obtained including compliance testing carefully to know the products meet the requirements, including adjustment and integration into complex components that make the final product.

  • Accompanying the process of the first rail assembly plant products.

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